Cheapest beer in Europe.


Wave pools and Pálinka


Added in as an after-thought, but I’m so glad we went.


Who knew they don’t have any roads?


Pizza, physics, and pigeons.


Sun, sea, and… pebbles.

A few words with… Deaf Havana

I chatted to Matthew Veck-Gilodi and Tom Ogden, the lead guitarist and the drummer of Norfolk-based alternative rock group Deaf Havana, ahead of their show at Northumbria Institute on 22nd November – did I mention they are my favourite band in the entire world?! Hey guys, lovely to meet you! First of all, how’s the…

Manna Restaurant, Ljubljana

On 22nd July 2017, I found myself exploring the cobbled streets of Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. Coincidentally, 22nd July 2017 was my boyfriend Joe’s 22nd birthday, and perhaps not coincidentally (after hours of extensive research on my part, in fact), we ended up spending the evening wining and dining at Manna restaurant. I was very excited…